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New and Used Food Equipment

Welcome to Michigan Food Equipment Company
At Michigan Food Equipment we have a large amount of used equipment in stock. Our warehouse is filled with more than 1000 machines in stock at all times at our Howell Michigan Location. 

Bacon Equipment

Bacon Combs

Anco 1411
Townsend Model 1450

Anco Ramfeed Slicer

Cashin Slicer

Card Dispenser

Tripple Track Diverter

Curwood Model 618

4 inch Tux Machine

Razorback Slicer Ramfeed

Razorback Slicer Continuous

Anco Bacon Press

Band Saws

3334 Biro Bandsaw

AEW Highspeed Bandsaw

Hollymatic Hi Yield 16" Bandsaw

Hobart 5801 Bandsaw

Butcher Boy Model SA36

4436 Biro Bandsaw

Biro 33/34

Biro 33/34 sq. Head

Hobart 5801 Bandsaw

Bowl Cutters

Fatosa 200 Liter

Chub Machines

Kip Chub Machine Model 38

Kip Chub Machine Model 39

Kip Chub Machine Model 44 w/ M7 Clip
Kip Chub Machine Model 50


Food Logistics Model MS90
Ruhle Dicer MR80
Treif Dicer Piccolo CE
Holac Dicer Model 21
Holac Dicer Model HO19
Holac Dicer Model HA121
Holac Dicer Model HO21
Holac Dicer Model 121


Bridge Vemeg Dumper
FPEC Vat Dumper 5’
FPEC Vat Dumper 6’
FPEC Vat Dumper 8’
Weiler Vat Dumpers 10’
Weiler Vat Dumpers 7’
Vat Dumper 50” All Stainless Steel
Vat Dumper 60” All Stainless Steel
Vat Dumper 78” All Stainless Steel
Vat Dumper 110” All Stainless Steel


2 Griffith Mince Master 100 HP Model 225
2 Griffith Mince Master 125 HP Model 225
4 Stephan 20KW
1 Stephan 35KW
1 Stephan 60KW
1 Stephan 75KW
1 Stephan 150KW
KS 120 10

Grinders and Extruders

Weiler 863
Weiler 868
Weiler 878
Weiler 878 Large Gear box
Weiler 1107
Weiler 1109 Fresh
Weiler 1109 Frozen
Weiler 1167
Weiler 1675 150 HP
3 Hobart 4356 Mixer Grinder
Butcher Boy Model 1100
Biro AFMG 52
Hobart 4352
Butcher Boy AU56


GMC 2500
GMC Model FS10C


Famaco 26-52
Famaco 52-102
Townsend P192-170
Townsend 1450
Famco 26/72
Famaco 44/88
Famaco 44/176


Groen Model DEE-4T40 Self Contained Tilting
2 Lee 500 DTS Kettle

Lazy Susans

4’ All Stainless Steel
6’ All Stainless Steel


Famco Linker
Devro Hand Crank
Devro Z linker
Famco Model JY5
Famco Model JY6
Townsend Model RT6
Townsend Model RT7
Townsend Model NL17

Lazy Susans

4’ All Stainless Steel
6’ All Stainless Steel


Bridge Model PMT41

Misc. Equipment

Cincinnatian Dehairer
B & D saw Model HP15
Polar Air Compressor
Gut Cart (new)
400 Vemeg Tubs
600 Vemeg Tubs


100# Butcher Boy
Boldt 1000# Vacuum Ribbon Blender
AMFEC 500# Ribbon Blender
1000# Reiser Paddle Mixer

Mixer Grinders

Mepaco 2000 Pattle Mixer
Hobart Model 4356
Hobart Model 4352
Hobart Model 4246HD

Packaging Machines

Multivac Model T300
Cryovac Model 8600 -14
Cryovac Model 8600-14E
Koch Model 2100

Patty Machines

Hollymatic Super 54
2 Hollymatic 8/65
2 Formax Model F6
Bridge Meat ball Machine


Ranger Apollo Peeler


Ross Model 914
Danfotech 6C-120V
Danfotech 6C-H120
Betcher Model 75
Ross Press
Anco 1411

Shrink Tunnels

Townsend Model 7950
Townsend Model 900
Cryovac Model 3072
Cryovac Model 6570B
Cryovac Model 6570E
Cryovac Model 5T101
Cryovac Dip Tank
Supervac Model 6K501B

Silent Cutter

Hobart VCM 40 Quart
Seydelmann 325
Seydelmann 500 Vacuum
Kramer Grabe 500
Kramer Grabe 325 w/ Vacuum
200 LTS Fatosa Cutter


3 Townsend Model 7950
Townsend Model 500
Townsend Model 720A
Townsend Model 900
Townsend Model 7500
Townsend Model 7600
Townsend Model 9000


Biro 109
Anco 827
New Razorback Slicer Ramfeed
New Razorback Model C Slicer
Spiral Ham Slicer
Ross Model 950-3 Slicer
Betcher BH 15 Slice n tact
4 Berkel Model 65180
10 Spiral Matic
10 PTE Slicers
Thurne Junior
Toby Model 2100-10
Weber Model 902
Weber Model 904
Grote Peppamatic
Grote Model SA500

Smoke Houses

Enviropak Model CVU2400E
Koch Smoker Generators


Ross Model TC700m
Schroeder Model NT350


500 Pound Daniels 
500 Pound Lance
Lyco 40#
Hollymatic 500#
Biro 500#
Lutetia 1000# Vacuum Tumbler
Sipromac 1000#
Sipromac 1500#
Lutetia 1000#
Lutetia 1500#

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