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Description: This machine is set up with a Variable frequency drive to control the product feed conveyor which controls thickness. This machine is set up for bulk slicing only.
Standard Features: New Stainless steel base and legs New Stainless Steel Door  Uprights coated with FDA approved epoxy or nickel coated (bearing housings) New Stainless steel product delivery system with nitrile rollers New Panographic hold down New Front and side guards All non-stainless parts nickel-plated (such as bearing housings) Stainless Steel chain and gears are used on all mechanics of machine New 5HP Blade Drive Motor New electrical safety switches will be installed on all guards New Gearbox for conveyor feed control New 3/4HP motor for product feed conveyor
Options: Side Knife assembly:  Spare Parts: Extra Blade

Razorback Slicer model C

  • this is my return and refund policy, ALL MACHINES SOLD AS IS
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