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Precise: This machine is designed to measure exact movements of both the blade and the feed thru computer compact logic to ensure uniform slice thicknesses with every slice. The blade speed can be changed with a push of a button to speed up, or slow down production without changing multiple settings, belts, or pulleys. Ability to count: This machine is capable of running both bulk products, or counting out groups with high efficiency, and consistency. Sanitation: The bed assembly has been designed with sanitation in mind, with a quick release assembly. The blade is spaced 3-1/2” away from the housing to allow for easy wash down, and the gripper assembly also easily detaches for easy cleanup. Service: These machines have been built to last, with a solid heavy duty frame, that matches the rest of the machines durability. This machine is equipped with the most modern industrial controls serviceable by control technicians around the world. General: Production Capacity: up to 1800 pounds per hour Blade variable up to 1500 RPM 230 or 460 Volt 3 phase Floor Space: 7’x4’ Overall Height: 7’ Weight: 1,800 pounds

Razorback Slicer model R

  • this is my return and refund policy, ALL MACHINES SOLD AS IS
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